Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

growing so fast my upline is too busy for me

Don't know if I should post this or not because it might dissuade potential prospects but at the end of the day, my intent here is not to "sell" the Pyxism opportunity so here it is...

Pyxism has been in pre-launch for a while and during that time, you could "join" the opportunity and pay later. The back office systems are still under construction so payment options are limited and credit card payment is still not available so I decided to start building my organization and pay only when I can do so by credit card.

In three days of a Google AdWords campaign, I had signed on 10 in my downline (who have not paid yet) and then a further 4 in the following week. This would permit me to cycle into the Horizon matrix for a payout of $5000 once they pay their registration. To date, not one has paid so I am torn whether to continue growing my organization or focusing my efforts on helping these people grow their organizations. None have responded to my reaching out to them so I fear they may be tire-kickers after all is said and done.

The other thing I am not happy with regarding Pyxism, that I have experienced in every other MLM I have been involved in, is that my upline doesn't really support . In this case, it's because I have not yet paid, even though I have recruited 14 people into the organization. Contrary to my reaching out to my downline to see what I can do to help them get their business going, I have not received the same support from my upline. Does this bother me? yes and no. It bothers me because I feel I am not being taken seriously and I am not getting the answers to the questions and support requests that I am making. On the other hand, it doesn't bother me because I am a skilled attraction marketer and I understand that I am the product that my downline is looking for, not Pyxism, and certainly not my upline. I understand that I am positioned, with my knowledge, to help my downline grow their business and really that's all that matters.

At the end of the day, I am assuming my responsibility to help my downline grow their business, and I don't need somebody to teach me how to do it. I am autonomous and I want to teach my downline how to be autonomous as well so they no longer have to be dependant on anyone for their success.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Associate Terms and Conditions

So after a false start glitch last week, the official Associate Terms and Conditions were finally posted so here they are for your perusal, if you're interested.

After reviewing them, I don't see anything out of the ordinary but I did want to spend a bit of time writing about online advertising, trademark and copyright protection. During the associates only call today, Darius explained that it is normal to protect the brand and this type of legal language has to be there for that to make sure there is no abuse, however, he did acknowledge that some of us are already using the Pyxism name on our sites and that we could enter into license agreements to continue to do so. So I sent off my email request and we'll see how it goes. I do have to say that this type of openness to ironing out of issues, and readiness to adapt are indicative of a company culture that seems rather inclusive and progressive. As a matter of fact, during the call, Lloyd Wilson admitted that he was proud of the caliber of the leaders and associates and referred to us as a special breed of networker - dedicated to teamwork and to creating a company of value added resellers.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How many Network Marketing companies do you know would do this....

Between January 12 and January 31st, for every new Associate payment payment received, Pyxism will donate $5 to the Hope for Haiti now organization. Pyxism has already donated $2500 to this charity so far. This is a very noble gesture and a testament to values of integrity and ethics - Kudos to you Lloyd Wilson. For more information, just go the the Pyxism home page.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Still no Contract and archaic registration

After a 4 week pre-launch and now 11 days into the launch, we still don't have a contract for the Associates to adhere to and you still have to wire transfer your money to become an Associate.

While the absence of a legal agreement is a favorable situation for those who resort to deception and copyright infringement to attract and sign on prospects, my impression is that this is a harmful situation for Pyxism's attractiveness and credibility as a legitimate business.

Yes, management is established and has proven themselves in other Network Marketing companies before, and yes there has been tremendous work done to become a Licensed Travel reseller in several States - which I understand is no easy feat. But seeing all the websites that blatantly steal the Pyxism text and images and who lead you to believing you are on the corporate site, or who require you to opt-in to their prospect list, could be harmful to the brand of Pyxism. There are good quality videos and sites and there are bad ones - which implies there is no quality control. Maybe it's just me with my background in Quality Systems and Marketing, but I hope that Pyxism managemenet gets around soon to pulling in the reigns on this Wild West approach to growing the organization. Sure it is easy and great for the early and agressive recruiters to operate in this type of scenario, but is it sustainable? Will the brand image become blemished as some leave after disappointing results and the net becomes polluted with mixed messages and hype. We'll see.

At the Associates conference call on Monday, it was mentioned that other payment methods are coming around and it should be soon when Associates can sign on with a simple credit card payment. There were just some details to work out regarding situations of refunds and the impact on payouts and the such. In my opinion, this is perfectly understandable, but I am suspecting that sign on rates are not as high as they could be if other payment options were offered.

Monday, January 18, 2010

PYXISM website is becoming more extensive

On the associates-only call tonight, PYXISM founder Lloyd Wilson unveiled the new additions to the PYXISM website.  The site now has a menu bar featuring the vacation travel products (still incomplete), the compensation plan overview, an About section, and the Associate registration page.

I just wanted to take a couple of moments to write about the compensation plan overview section.  Here we find, in simple terms, how very lucrative this business can become, but beyond that, it becomes clear how beneficial the true Follow-me Matrix really is in promoting a team-building atmosphere.  For example, positions in a matrix are filled from the top down, regardless of who sponsored, so if you are just getting started, your upline will be helping you out by filling positions below you with associates they've recruited!  Now that's teamwork!

During the webinar Mr. Wilson also reported that PYXISM has grown to around 3,700 associates so far.  This is phenomenal given that very little has been done on marketing - the corporate focus so far has been on setting up the legal foundation to be a legitimate company and a licensed travel seller.  This is now complete and the marketing initiatives will follow.  Despite, that the internet buzz surrounding this start up is undeniable.  Just look at the Alexa rankings below:

This steady growth is completely attributed to the efforts of the early mover leaders, their teams, and the associates who are generating interest and creating organic growth.  It is a positive sign of confidence in the company, the product, and the teams who are coming on board.  The other revealing finding from this report is that PYXISM is truly becoming a global player with interest coming from the four corners of the globe (just so you know, the lower the number, the higher the site is ranked...)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lofty Goals and Big Rewards

After a four-week long pre-launch, the PYXISM official launch was Monday 11 Jan 2010. At the associates-only webinar, founder Lloyd Wilson, announced the winners of the 4-week long recruiting drive by awarding $1000 cash to the person who recruited the most in each week.  He also awarded the highest overall recruiter with $5000.

In addition to these bonuses, Wilson allowed his three group leaders to award $500 prizes to two members in each of their organizations.  He let them choose their own criteria for these awards and the group leaders each had an opportunity to explain who they chose and why.

After all these prizes, Lloyd went on to explain how the company growth is beyond what had originally been anticipated and that the demand and buzz was so strong that pre-launch started earlier than originally planned and the same occurred for the launch.  He made it clear that his intention was to be the number one provider in this segment and he set a lofty goal of rapidly growing to 150,000 new associates. In order to motivate the troops to reach this milestone, Mr. Wilson announced a new series of additional incentives.  One PYXISM grows to 150,000 strong, the most prolific recruiter will be awarded a cash bonus of $1 million, and additional bonuses will be awarded to the top 6 recruiters. The second place recruiter will receive $250,000, third place $100,000 and the remaining three will receive $50,000 each.

These generous, and unplanned bonuses illustrate the values that Wilson is trying to instill in this new company - teamwork, prosperity, honesty, integrity, and determination.